Friday, July 24, 2009

mini haul..

MAC l/g in MAD CAP = 14.50
Physicians Formula Blushing Mocha = 2.79
Physicians Formula Blushing Natural = 2.79
L'oreal H.i.p creamshadow paint = 3.19
sinful colors pink forever = 1.99
sinful colors chacha red = 1.99
aveeno daily moisturizing lotion = 2.39
heart earrings = 2.80
foral/pearl earrings = 4.80
this was just a mini haul of some of the
things i got last saturday @ walgreens.
hope you enjoyed..i'm gonna try my best to update
this more often but bare with me :)
till next time BEAUTIES!*

Sunday, July 12, 2009


so i bought 2 things from MAC about a month ago..
and i've been meaning to let yall know how it went..
soooooooooo...i bought MAC's Fix + and Mac lipglass in MAD Cap..
i loved loved loved both of the products...buttt the MAC Fix +
gave me the nastiest rash ever! if you have
some severe allergies like me, i recommend
that you stay away from this obviously
i did return this product because i had no use for it.
but on the other hand i love love love my LIPGLASS in MAD CAP!
i told the MAC Artist that i was looking for a good nude shade
and she recommended this for my lip color.
the only thing i dont like about the lipglasses are; they are extra STICKY!!
but besides that i love them.
well guys thats about it..i will update yall later..i gotta go to work!
bye beauties! <3