Monday, August 24, 2009

coastal scents HAUL!!

sooooooo.....i've been busy/lazy lately..
havent updated this in exactly 1 month..pittyful!
so i bought somethings from coastal scents..
i'm in love with them completely..i recieved them
sometime last week..wish i could of updated you guys then.
but you know how that goes :/
anyways, i got..
10 COLOR BLUSH PALETTE @15.95 (3rd pic)
26 Color shadow/blush combo palette @19.95 (last pic)
88 Color palette e/s MATTE @ 18.95 (1st few pics)
they are all pigmented..i'll do a better review later.
i havent really had much time to play with these seeing
that i've been working every since i got these..GRRR!
i also hauled a lot of other things over the past 2 weeks..
so i'll have to show you guys that also!
hope you guys had a great weekend..mine was tiring but alright!
look forward to some more updates coming soon..
i'll try to be less maybe i'll do that BLOG tutorial things.
those always look fun..but anyways i'm getting pretty tired.
till next time BEAUTIES!!