Thursday, September 24, 2009

i miss my computer!!! you all may computer has a terrible virus.
so i'm looking for a new one currently.i found a couple of laptops.
so i hope to purchase one pretty soon.but until then, please bare with me.
i guess i will talk to you guys later..

till next time BEAUTIES!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

coastal scents HAUL!!

sooooooo.....i've been busy/lazy lately..
havent updated this in exactly 1 month..pittyful!
so i bought somethings from coastal scents..
i'm in love with them completely..i recieved them
sometime last week..wish i could of updated you guys then.
but you know how that goes :/
anyways, i got..
10 COLOR BLUSH PALETTE @15.95 (3rd pic)
26 Color shadow/blush combo palette @19.95 (last pic)
88 Color palette e/s MATTE @ 18.95 (1st few pics)
they are all pigmented..i'll do a better review later.
i havent really had much time to play with these seeing
that i've been working every since i got these..GRRR!
i also hauled a lot of other things over the past 2 weeks..
so i'll have to show you guys that also!
hope you guys had a great weekend..mine was tiring but alright!
look forward to some more updates coming soon..
i'll try to be less maybe i'll do that BLOG tutorial things.
those always look fun..but anyways i'm getting pretty tired.
till next time BEAUTIES!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

mini haul..

MAC l/g in MAD CAP = 14.50
Physicians Formula Blushing Mocha = 2.79
Physicians Formula Blushing Natural = 2.79
L'oreal H.i.p creamshadow paint = 3.19
sinful colors pink forever = 1.99
sinful colors chacha red = 1.99
aveeno daily moisturizing lotion = 2.39
heart earrings = 2.80
foral/pearl earrings = 4.80
this was just a mini haul of some of the
things i got last saturday @ walgreens.
hope you enjoyed..i'm gonna try my best to update
this more often but bare with me :)
till next time BEAUTIES!*

Sunday, July 12, 2009


so i bought 2 things from MAC about a month ago..
and i've been meaning to let yall know how it went..
soooooooooo...i bought MAC's Fix + and Mac lipglass in MAD Cap..
i loved loved loved both of the products...buttt the MAC Fix +
gave me the nastiest rash ever! if you have
some severe allergies like me, i recommend
that you stay away from this obviously
i did return this product because i had no use for it.
but on the other hand i love love love my LIPGLASS in MAD CAP!
i told the MAC Artist that i was looking for a good nude shade
and she recommended this for my lip color.
the only thing i dont like about the lipglasses are; they are extra STICKY!!
but besides that i love them.
well guys thats about it..i will update yall later..i gotta go to work!
bye beauties! <3

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

latenite brush cleaning/MAC this friday!

just got through washing my brushes..
i hate the fact i waited up until now to do it!!
i got a good amount of them..but its like
every week i can find another reason to get a new one..
sad..i know..but whatever whatever..on to the good stuff.
i'm so ready for my COWBOYS to start playing!
okay so back to make up..
i'm going to MAC this friday with intensions on buying somethings!
soo....i know so far i wanna get MAC FIX + and thats about it..
soooooooooo..please help me out on what i should get.
nothing toooo expensive i have a budget.
because i want to get some more NYX goodies!
well till next time beauties! <3

Friday, June 12, 2009


i got somethings this weekend i want to share with you guys..


2 loew-cornell 1/4 270 maxine's mop @ 2.99 each

sonia kashuk small eye shadow brush @ 4.99sonia

kashuk blending brush @ 3.99

studio tooks dual-finish brush @ 6.99(MAC 187 DUPE! <3>


falsies #747L @ 0.99

NYC cheek glow(outside cafe) @ 1.72

maybelline GREAT LASH clear mascara @ 4.99

2 jordana eyeliners(black&brown) @ 1.99 each

ARDELL eyelash adhesive @ 3.59

wet n wild eysharpener @ 0.99

revlon colorstay eye concealer @ 2.19(on sale)

milani e/s 07 wild violets @ 6.49

sinful colors trio(night out) @ 3.99

sinful colors trio(retro) @ 3.99

4 travel jars @ 0.97 for 2

side note: i'm making a list of things i want to get when i get paid..and so far i want to get some mac things..who knows i might go to the CCO in allen.hopefully they sale MAC products.

till next time beauties!! <3

Monday, March 30, 2009


just got off the phone with my good ass friend tommie..
if you read this..mannnn you my nigga..
HAHAHA..too soon?(inside joke)
boys and girls..i've been thinking about my future lately..
and i remember when
i was younger i said i wanted to get married at an early young..
and i still feel that way.
their are potential candidates..but its like WHATEVERRR..
it might just be too soon..HA!

okay so my first week of work, was cool.i have no complaints,
just other than that fact that
i had to read and study.come on its just a retail job!?!
co-workers seem decent.
but everyone knows that only last for a couple of weeks.

till next time..TATA!?!? :-*

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i'm not sleepy at all..uhh i hate this.i know when i get to work, i'm gonna be extra tired.speaking of WORK...yeah i got the job..FINALLY huh?yep i start sunday.i know thats know i had to get everything ready for tomorrow..from the outfit, to my underwear..HAHA..i'm weird like i like to always be ready.never know when you might oversleep right?i'm working 10:30 - 2:30..thats really no hours though.but oh well.i got to see my dad this week.but for the wrong reason but it was still good.i LOVE my dad..he'll break his back for me and my sis. moving on..i got my hair done today.UH! a trim, no biggie.but my hair color is still WTF its march..i got it colored in october..its not as red as it was but like the hair color..just dont know if i wanna go back to black..or my natural hair color..(which is dark dark brown)..i wanted all black with hot pink tips in october..maybe i'll do that.but no more layers, or bangs for me..i'm just gonna let it grow out until next winter and see what i wanna do to it..and i want a DARN babyliss pro flat iron is cool..its a PROSILK but.........i want a babyliss pro..only takes one glide..and its straight.i'll invest in one.

oh yeah 61 more days till my birthday..guess whos excited, i AM!!!!i want a whole bunch of crap.mainly maybe its time for me to go to bed now..just gotta let my brushes dry.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

first post/interview day..

i'm glad my interview went great. the only thing i was kinda upset about it the whole reference thing. i'm like, "its been almost 2 years since i worked at BLAH and almost 1 year since i worked at BLAH." but whatever. she called me back immediately after my interview and said i passed the test..i could tell she liked me. but its like she wants me to EAT, SLEEP, LIVE this job. i do have a life...idk..maybe i should just be happy i will have a job.