Sunday, March 22, 2009


i'm not sleepy at all..uhh i hate this.i know when i get to work, i'm gonna be extra tired.speaking of WORK...yeah i got the job..FINALLY huh?yep i start sunday.i know thats know i had to get everything ready for tomorrow..from the outfit, to my underwear..HAHA..i'm weird like i like to always be ready.never know when you might oversleep right?i'm working 10:30 - 2:30..thats really no hours though.but oh well.i got to see my dad this week.but for the wrong reason but it was still good.i LOVE my dad..he'll break his back for me and my sis. moving on..i got my hair done today.UH! a trim, no biggie.but my hair color is still WTF its march..i got it colored in october..its not as red as it was but like the hair color..just dont know if i wanna go back to black..or my natural hair color..(which is dark dark brown)..i wanted all black with hot pink tips in october..maybe i'll do that.but no more layers, or bangs for me..i'm just gonna let it grow out until next winter and see what i wanna do to it..and i want a DARN babyliss pro flat iron is cool..its a PROSILK but.........i want a babyliss pro..only takes one glide..and its straight.i'll invest in one.

oh yeah 61 more days till my birthday..guess whos excited, i AM!!!!i want a whole bunch of crap.mainly maybe its time for me to go to bed now..just gotta let my brushes dry.

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