Tuesday, June 16, 2009

latenite brush cleaning/MAC this friday!

just got through washing my brushes..
i hate the fact i waited up until now to do it!!
i got a good amount of them..but its like
every week i can find another reason to get a new one..
sad..i know..but whatever whatever..on to the good stuff.
i'm so ready for my COWBOYS to start playing!
okay so back to make up..
i'm going to MAC this friday with intensions on buying somethings!
soo....i know so far i wanna get MAC FIX + and thats about it..
soooooooooo..please help me out on what i should get.
nothing toooo expensive i have a budget.
because i want to get some more NYX goodies!
well till next time beauties! <3

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