Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'M BACCCKKKKKK feels good to be back!!
i know i havent updated my blog in forever & i'm SORRY!!
but as my previous blog states, i needed a new PC really back..
and i got one!!! and HP i got it some time in december..DECEMBER i know right..
i bet you're thinking well why havent you updated..well i started a new JOB..
a call center type job, basically an office i've been working my BUTT off.
when i get home from work i dont wanna do anything but sleep.
so i guess you can say i've been lazy. :(

but anyways, i'm been buying a whole bunch of MAKEUP & clothes & shoes lately..
but more clothes than ever..i cant wait for SUMMER i'm getting tired of this COLD weather
it sucks!!but anyways if i can manage to gather together some of the makeup items i've bought
i will add pics to another blog, but I AINT MAKING NO

that's pretty much it on the update..i've seen a lot of blogger start doing the OFOTD & FOTD
i think i'm gonna start doing those..they look like fun any easier than always trying to make a be on the look out for that an also some new vids..tell next time i'll leave you with some
crazy pics of me i took with my new laptop..TTFN

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adriana said...

glad to seeyour back! i've pretty much abandoned my blog but i still read others =]