Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i'm so lazy..

and i'm SO SORRY you guys..i havent been updating my blog..and i'm promise this time i will get better..i will be updating the blog at least once a week..with either OFOTD or FOTD and also small hauls and etc.

i wanna thank my blog followers for sticking in there with me..SORRY!! but i'm back i was just busy with work and all the other CRAP that comes with it. such as lack of getting off from work and going straight to sleep is all i'vee been able to do for the last couple of months. again SORRY..hahaha but its all good.


i did a comparison vid on two of my favorite foundations

so here are my thoughts written out..


this foundation i truly believe is one of the best drugstore foundations out there..dont get me wrong its not like i've tried all but, i believe from what i've tried in the past dont compare. this foundation for me gives me what i need..FULL COVERAGE (but not too "cakey"), last all day 8hrs plus, and it sets pretty matte.the biggest plus of all is that is stays on all day!! i'm the type of girl that doesnt like touching up through the day and with this foundation i rarely to never touch up..even with my combination oily skin i sstay matte through the day which is LOVELYY..overrall this foundation is wonderful for a beginner or even a makeup junkie like me..something you just need in your COLLECTION..for me this is an everyday use usually.


now to the revlon photo ready..what made me want to try this foundation is the commericals with HALLE BERRY..cheezy?? i but i wanted to see if it claims to do what it says it does. now the foundation is great blend well feels nicee on the skin and etc..BIG DOWNFALL doesnt last all day..i give 4 hrs MAX.. :( and thats not long at this woulds be a foundation that you'll wear to parties, events etc something you wont be in all day..its great with know how sometimes you take pics and you can tell the seperation from your neck and etc looks really white..well this fondation will make you look i also recommend it..but like i said aa 4 hr foundation only.BTW this one has a pump so BIG YESS!!

so here it opinion on these 2 likes and dislikes..hope you enjoyed.

and the winner is....

well...hope you enjoyed..ttyl LOVELYS <3

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