Saturday, June 19, 2010

i've been MIA...

i know..i'm such a lazy blogger!!
lol..i got a new job and i barely have to time to blog and such..
but have no FEAR i'm here now..

i just posted an Outfit of the Day
check the YT for it... :)
couldnt take great pics..i currently cant find my Digi Cam :(
only because my ROOM is a MESS :/
whhaaattt??i cant help it my life now..haha

on another TIP...

i did this cut CREASE look for the first time..
i like the way it came are a few pics of the look..HOPE YOU LIKE!!

i did my mom's makeup on memorial DAY just for fun..and i loved the way it turned out..
my mom showed everyone PICTURES..and they said she looks super young 20
but really my mom doesnt look her age you mom!(heres a PIC)

so thats my little update..i can never promise to update this for sure..can i will UPDATE you guys when i can..

take care!!

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